A selection of images I shot of Max Saward for an interview with JUICEBOX Magazine 


Questions asked during interview by Lottie Maddison:

What's the difference between crossdressing and drag? It's about motivation. I think drag is more of a performance art, whereas cross dressing is more to feel comfortable in your own skin. A Drag Queen is a cross dresser, but not all cross dressers are Drag Queens.  

Do you think programmes like RuPaul's Drag Race are an accurate representation of the scene? They are, but like all reality TV shows some aspects are exaggerated to make it funnier to watch. It's great to be able to see drag enter the mainstream though and become a more widely known thing.

 Do Drag Queens want to be females? Not Necessarily. A drag queen is a female impersonator. Men- and Women- of all identities perform in drag. There are so many types of drag too, from 80's style club kids, to androgynous genderfuck queens, to proper pageant girls. There's just so many looks to choose from, I can't imagine anyone not finding a drag style they love. 

How would you describe your drag look? Like a slightly aloof, scary aunt who would visit occasionally. The kind of woman who was always impeccably groomed but also a laugh. Think Patsy from Ab Fab.